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be the business

Be the Business · CIOs in the New Era of IT

Be the Business is the latest offering from well-known CIO recruiter Martha Heller, author of the CIO Paradox, a well-written guide to the myriad trade-offs involved in being a successful CIO.

Collaborative consulting

Why We Build Trust First for Innovation Success

“Build Trust First” is Innovation Vista’s mantra on all engagements relating to change, transformation and transition.  We believe it is absolutely necessary for success! Gartner

zone to win

Zone to Win · Organizing to Compete in an Age of Disruption

Geoffrey Moore’s new book “Zone to Win” is a strong sequel to his works “Crossing the Chasm” and “Escape Velocity“, and it solidifies his place as one of the thought leaders in corporate structure and culture for the Digital Age.

digital to the core

Digital to the Core

Graham Waller & Mark Raskino’s new book on Digital business has a lot to recommend it. The two authors are colleagues at Gartner and it’s clear that the book unifies not only their perspectives