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Innovation Vista provides opportunities for experienced IT leaders to leverage your skills and expertise on exciting innovation projects for our clients.  

We’ve found that the key to success for both our clients AND consultants is the alignment of each project with a consultant who possesses both relevant technical experience AND work experience in the client’s industry. This is a strategic advantage that enables our consultants to focus on the unique aspects of a client’s strategy, culture, and vision, rather than needing to learn their business model.

Are you a seasoned, proven Technology Executive who has had success in one or more C-level leadership or Consulting Partner role(s)…?  We would love to talk with you.

We Value and Support our Consultants

Innovation Vista understands that supporting our consultants in turn benefits our clients, and our own growth and success. 

Unlike our competitors, we provide our consultants support & resources for your success and efficiency, including research and best practices materials and presentation templates, both subscribed externally and developed internally. 

We strive to make the “back office” aspects of consulting as easy for you as we possibly can, carrying E&O and liability insurance coverage for your project and ensuring timely payments regardless of a client’s timeliness. 

Last but not least, we offer the power of our network to help you succeed, through collaboration with colleagues and our founder.

* Unique offerings not matched by any of our known competitors