Consulting services

IT Assessments that Drive ROI

Want assurance about your IT department’s capabilities, support model, system architecture, &/or security? We provide an expert outside opinion and suggestions.

Virtual CIO/CTO Services

Want expert IT leadership and guidance, but can’t afford a full-time top-level CIO? Our Virtual CIO Service provides affordable expert leadership where it matters most.

Technology Strategy

Looking for a strategic partner to help you cast a vision of innovation for your company? We “Build Trust First” to partner with you on a strategy tailored to your company.

Interim IT Leadership

Need experienced hands on the Tech wheel in your organization for a transition, PE investment, turnaround, or M&A event? We provide expert experienced leaders.

Digital Transformation

Wanting to transform your company’s capabilities, supply chain and/or value chain with technology? We have a track record of success transforming business plans with IT capabilities.

Board/C-Suite Tech Advisory

Want expert IT strategy insights, but can’t afford a full-time top-level CIO? Leverage our C-Suite Tech Advisory program for less than the cost of an entry-level technician.

M&A CIO Services

Needing an experienced IT leader to lead due-diligence and integration/turnaround for an M&A transaction? Our consultants bring experience with these kinds of projects in your industry.

CIO / Tech Intrapreneur Advisory

Want to leverage a mentor for your existing IT leader(ship) to upgrade the platform or prepare for growth? We provide targeted insights.

Disaster Recovery CIO Services

Need help recovering your organization's IT after a disaster event or crisis? Our proven leaders can take tech recovery off your plate so you can focus on the rest of your recovery.

A Focus on Strategy and Top-Line Impact

Learn More About Our Unique Approach to Innovation

Stabilizing IT

Suffering from system issues, limitations or instability? Our expert consultants can help you stabilize and establish a solid foundation for Innovation in both IT architecture and staffing.

Optimizing IT

There are so many ways to do IT! We can help you determine whether you would benefit most from leading-edge capabilities, low costs, or a combination of these approaches.

Monetizing IT

Interested in turning the investment you’ve made in IT into new revenue and/or increased market share? Or possibly even to Disrupt your industry, rewriting its economic rules so only you can win?

Data & Analytics

Need help weaponizing your company’s data as a competitive advantage? Our experts have expertise in integration, data management, data quality, enrichment, and BI/AI Analytics.

Project Portfolio Optimization

Wondering how to prioritize among a set of potential IT projects? Our consultants leverage our proprietary model on these decisions, for oversight and optimization of your project portfolio.

Outsourced IT Oversight

Wondering if your IT outsource vendor is the right partner, or if you’re getting your money’s worth in support and capabilities? Our consultants can make improvements where needed.

Cloud Consulting

Is the cloud right for you? How would it integrate with your IT? Our experts know how to implement and integrate cloud platforms in a way that makes sense for your unique strategy.

System Implementation

Need expert IT leadership for a complex system implementation, or as a trusted overseer/liaison with the software vendor? We bring a wealth of experience on similar projects.

Thought Leadership

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