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Answers to Common Client Questions

Over the years Innovation Vista has received and answered a lot of inquiries from clients and prospective clients. We thought it would be helpful to

Metaverse Handbook

The Metaverse Handbook – Book Review

Quharrison Terry and Scott N. Keeney’s recent work “The Metaverse Handbook” may be the most consumer-oriented of the early books on the metaverse. It includes

IT capacity

IT Capacity is Harder than it Seems

At first glance, the concept of IT capacity seems completely straightforward. One wants a certain amount of unused storage, processing power, or bandwidth in place

Board Tech Advisors

Innovation Vista Acquires

HOUSTON, TX — Innovation Vista is pleased to announce the acquisition of, as another upgrade to the firm’s depth and portfolio. Jeff Roberts, the Founder

What is Digital Transformation

What Is(n’t) Digital Transformation?

“Digital Transformation? – Oh yeah, we did that in the early days of the pandemic. Good stuff.” thousands of CXOs across the world   Digital

CIO consultants

Helping Overwhelmed CIOs be Hero Intrapreneurs

A lot goes into being an enterprise CIO/CTO these days – from foundational capabilities like IT operations, infrastructure, telecom, disaster readiness, cybersecurity and governance to

CIO advisory

An Auxiliary Brain for your IT Leader

CEOs are feeling better about the enabling impact of IT these days; Covid and the light-speed jump to remote/hybrid operations at many organizations raised IT’s

AI Ready

Is Your Organization AI-Ready?

AI is seldom as simple as business leaders would like it to be, or as simple as some AI service companies claim it to be.

innovation consultant

Not All Brainstorms are Created Equal

Wikipedia gives this summary and definition of brainstorming: Brainstorming is a group creativity technique by which efforts are made to find a conclusion for a specific problem by

M&A IT consulting

Innovation Vista Acquires

HOUSTON, TX — Innovation Vista is pleased to announce the acquisition of, as the next step in enhancing the firm’s depth and portfolio. Jeff