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Maximize Your ROI from Outsourced IT Services

The same reasons many companies choose to outsource their IT services make these vendors hard to negotiate with and challenging to oversee on an ongoing basis.

Business executives don’t have the technical knowledge or the time to spend researching alternatives proposed to them by these vendors, and as a result are often taken advantage of.

When concerns about costs or service levels arise, it can be daunting to consider switching service providers and risking the stability of the technology platform. Negotiating with very little leverage can be problematic.

Leverage IT Experts on Your Side of the Table in Negotiations and Service Monitoring

Having an experienced C-level IT consultant help you negotiate with, and monitor, your outsource service provider can make all the difference.  Our experts are familiar with the common risks in these relationships:

  • Are they charging you regular rates but providing bare bones services, creating delays in issue resolution or creating risks on stability or security?
  • Are you being taken advantage of on software or hardware pass-through purchases, or with kickbacks?
  • Are they lax in documenting your systems, making it more difficult to transition to another service provider?

Our consultant will assess your existing agreements, relationships, platform and systems to determine where improvement may be possible.

Get an Unbiased View of Your IT for About the Cost of an Entry-level Technician

  • FREE INITIAL ASSESSMENT of your IT platform & vender services
  • Review of service contracts and tech-related agreements & licenses
  • Review of service levels and overall confidence in, and performance of, IT systems
  • Key question answered: Is your IT Outsource Vendor a good partner?
  • Identify Stabilization opportunities for unreliable or insecure systems
  • Identify Cost Savings opportunities from automation & enhanced systems
  • Identify  from differentiated Tech capabilities
  • Analysis & Roadmap: How can IT be improved?
  • Vetting/consulting on all IT plans, budgets, negotiations, projects

Ensure You’re Getting the Maximum Benefits from your Outsourced IT 

  • Our consultant will engage regularly with your IT vendor to ensure services match your needs and the cost model in place
  • Our consultant will engage regularly with your leadership team and company staff to ensure they’re being supported and enabled to the fullest extent
  • Our consultant can lead your leadership team through exploration of explore potential Revenue opportunities from differentiated tech capabilities

Get your FREE ASSESSMENT and see how we can help your organization

Curious what kind of improvement we can bring to your organization’s IT Services?

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