They say a structure is only as strong as its foundation, and the same is true of Innovation at any organization.  CEOs and Boards of Directors get excited about the prospects of Monetizing IT and Disrupting their industry, but first things must come first, before that level of performance can be reached.  And the first thing needed for business success is IT Stability.

Today’s businesses, whether services, manufacturing, distribution, or retail, run on IT Systems.  With the right systems being operated smoothly, a company is poised to succeed and potentially grow its market share.

If a company is running weak, outdated systems, it is limiting itself and handicapping its results every day.  For this reason, system evaluation is a key aspect of our review of a company’s IT Stability.

If a company struggles with operating its systems with reliable performance, it can put its entire business in jeopardy. Thus, we do a deep review of system stability and root cause analysis of all recent downtime/performance incidents.  Establishing reliability in our client’s key IT systems is priority 1 in our Innovation framework:

Stabilizing IT

There are many exciting possibilities opened up by new technologies to create business efficiencies and capabilities, and it’s tempting to jump right into building these when a company looks to invest in its IT platform.  But a solid foundation of stable IT performance is critical, and the right place to start.

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