Interim CIO Services

IT Expertise for Your Period of Transition

Proven IT Leaders to Navigate Your Organization Through Change

Transitions can be among the most daunting and complex business events for leaders to navigate, and it is often the technology aspects of the change which lead to failure.

For this reason, Interim IT Leadership is one of Innovation Vista’s core service offerings.  Our experienced consultants have been successful with multiple transitions of various kinds, and bring their expertise to our clients’ challenges:

Strategic Guidance for your IT vision

What is an Interim CIO?

An Interim CIO provides IT leadership and strategy guidance to an organization on a short-term basis.  Often the need for this role arises due to the sudden departure of a permanent CIO, the need for a turnaround or significant change in the operating goals of the IT organization, or from an M&A event, after which the acquired company’s technology needs to be stabilized and/or integrated with the acquiring organization. 

Interim CIO
IT Consultant
Proven leaders to Guide your Organization's IT through Transition.

Our consultants:

Possess decades of experience with the strategic decisions needed for success in enterprise technology for your business

Collaborate with your leadership and staff to align IT strategy to your strategy & culture, and to the needs & goals of the transition

Have familiarity with the business model(s), terminology, IT strategy, and IT systems of your industry

Are armed with our proprietary Innovation framework and toolkits to determine the best options for your organization’s IT

Are IT professionals with deep experience with IT strategy, including IT infrastructure, IT applications, data and analytics

Provide interim IT leadership services to clients on a short-term basis, collaborating on a vision for the future and then leading the organization to it

Navigate Change Successfully

Enable a Better Future for Your IT

  • Mergers & Acquisitions can be among the most stressful and uncertain times for companies and IT departments
  • If integration is the goal, often suggestions from experts who have “around the block” can help businesses avoid painful mistakes in IT infrastructure or overall IT strategy
  • If upgrade/stabilization is the goal, an experienced interim CTO can ensure the IT department doesn’t go off the rails or devolve its culture due to uncertainty
  • An expert leader can help chart the right course for your IT, and guide how fast to change and in what sequence
  • Having “an outsider” interim leader can be helpful to transparency and a problem-solving mindset in the existing team, rather than finger-pointing or power-jockeying
  • Often, coaching of staff on “what their job really is” can be an upgrade &/or a litmus test for which staff can contribute to a better future
  • Often an outside interim CIO is “safer” for continuity of a group than elevating an existing middle manager to the role
  • The short term interim period can prove valuable not just to validate whether an existing manager is ready to be elevated to CIO, but for an experienced IT leader to help in setting the new vision and strategy

We’d love to discuss our Interim CIO services and our ROI-guaranteed IT Assessment program with you…

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