Industry Coverage

Financial Services IT Consulting

Expertise in Banking, Capital Markets, Consumer and Commercial Finance, Insurance, and other financial sectors

Real Estate IT Consulting

Experience in Construction, residential real estate, mortgage origination and servicing, default, SFR rental portfolio management, and property services.

Healthcare IT Consulting

Expertise in IT for medical practices, hospitals, clinics, insurance carriers, pharmaceuticals, and pharmacies.

Commercial Real Estate IT Consulting

Experience in leasing, property management, brokerage, capital markets, agency and bank lending, commercial mortgages and real estate services.

Oil & Gas IT Consulting

Experience in upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors, including exploration, drilling, pipelines, trading, retail gas stations.

Manufacturing IT Consulting

Expertise in multiple manufacturing sectors, from electronics & computers to textiles & apparel to wood, paper, rubber & plastics.

Aerospace IT Consulting

Expertise in airlines, aircraft manufacturing and services, space, and aerospace defense.

Logistics & Transportation IT Consulting

Experience in air, sea, rail & truck cargo shipping, distribution, IoT package tracking.

Retail IT Consulting

Expertise in shopping centers, malls, consumer goods, consumer services.

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Entertainment & Media IT Consulting

Expertise in live entertainment and media production, broadcasting and distribution.

Tourism IT Consulting

Experience in travel, hospitality, and tourism.

Education IT Consulting

Expertise in primary, secondary, private, tutoring, and university education services and technology.

Agriculture & Food Service IT Consulting

Experience in agriculture, food and beverage production & distribution, restaurants, bars and grocery stores.

Legal Services IT Consulting

Expertise in legal IT, supporting law firms, law schools, municipal courts, political campaigns, and legislative lobbying.

Business Services IT Consulting

Experience in accounting, marketing, human resources, recruiting, and consulting.

Insurance IT Consulting

Experience in property & casualty, health and commercial insurance carriers and brokers, as well as cyberinsurance.