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Be the Business – CIOs in the New Era of IT

Be the Business is the latest offering from well-known CIO recruiter Martha Heller, author of the CIO Paradox, a well-written guide to the myriad trade-offs involved in being a successful CIO. In her latest book, she further explores the challenges faced by CIOs in the new Digital era of disruption and transformation, and she proposes a significant shift in mindset as the key answer.  Rather than a service provider, partner, or other analogous relationship, Heller’s suggestion is to envision IT as identical with the business, in the sense of how it measures its success and how it should set its priorities. Increasingly, with new technologies rising in impact and disrupting so many industries, it is IT which both enables and envisions many companies’ futures.  Owning that responsibility helps CIOs set their mindset on the right compass heading, and should also increase their wingspan and influence at the executive table as [...]

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Bold – How to Go Big, Create Wealth and Impact the World

Peter Diamondis & Steven Kotler latest work builds on their earlier book Abundance, and provides some helpful specifics for how to implement real innovation in today’s business climate. Aimed particularly at entrepreneurs and business owners, the book lays out the powerful dynamics impacting our economy currently, and suggests a mindset to find success.   As would be guessed by the title of the book, his counsel is to be bold and to aim for huge growth opportunities and strategies which have the promise of 10x increase. Technology is bringing expontential change to a world much more used to linear incremental change, and the book makes a good case that business leaders today have to completely adjust their thinking to avoid not only missing out on opportunities, but being left behind. The world – especially our economy – are not the same as the one we grew up in!  This book is [...]

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Zone to Win – Organizing to Compete in an Age of Disruption

Geoffrey Moore's new book "Zone to Win" is a strong sequel to his works "Crossing the Chasm" and "Escape Velocity", and it solidifies his place as one of the thought leaders in corporate structure and culture for the Digital Age. Moore's main suggestion, supported by case studies and examples from Salesforce and Microsoft, is that to succeed in these challenging times, organizations should create separate divisions with different charters to "win" and achieve the distinct goals relevant for these times: Performance Zone:  executing a company's current business plan Productivity Zone:  focused on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the current business plan Incubation Zone:  devoted to exploring potential new business lines or ways of operating Transformation Zone:  focused on scaling up successful projects from the Incubation Zone to become the company's new business plan In particular, the Incubation and Transformation Zones are key concepts which separate out the search for, [...]

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Digital to the Core

Graham Waller & Mark Raskino's new book on Digital business has a lot to recommend it.  The two authors are colleagues at Gartner and it's clear that the book unifies not only their perspectives but also a lot of wisdom gleaned from their myriad interactions with client organizations, on what is needed for a successful transition to Digital business. The book pushes the increasingly common perspective that Digitalization is inevitable and that companies who don't make this transition in the near term will struggle to survive.   While we certainly see the coming Digital revolution as significant, strategic, and revolutionary - it's no small part of why Innovation Vista has been formed! - we believe the impact will vary significantly in speed across industries.  The earliest impact will likely be felt where there is a significant share of costs being expensed in personnel roles "one level above" the current limit of [...]

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