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Solve your IT issues and Leverage Tech Leadership When & Where You Need it.  ONLY When & Where You Need it.

Companies rely on modern Information Technology platforms to conduct business on a day-to-day basis, and an enormous industry exists to support the operation and improvement of these software and hardware solutions.  Reliable success on this “Basic IT” is TABLE STAKES in today’s economy.  If your IT isn’t at this level, your organization is at real risk in multiple ways.  Most large and some midsize organizations hire experienced CIOs/CTOs to lead their IT departments to stability and beyond.

But hiring an experienced CIO isn’t always the right move.  For smaller organizations and smaller IT departments, there is a real challenge in the traditional payroll model:

  • An experienced CIO is very expensive; these are scarce resources and the demand is great
  • Middle managers or “homegrown” IT managers are willing to work for less, but may have blind-spots which more than offset the savings
  • Just as in the NFL, unless someone has been a CIO previously, they generally have a weakness on “the other side of the ball”:
    • Systems, Data, e-Commerce & Analytics
    • Infrastructure, Operations, & Security
  • Just as in the NFL, leaders who have mastered both sides have results which clearly show the difference

This is where our C-Suite Advisory service comes in.  Our expert consultants have this experience, and provide it to clients on a fractional retainer basis.  And we even go one step further than CIOs/CTOs obsessed with Efficiency – we target Growth in your Revenue and Market-share.

Install a Safety Net on IT Risk and Focus Your Technology 0n Real Top-Line Growth – Starting at $1k per week

Leverage the expertise of a successful C-level IT Leader, selected for your organization for industry experience and skill-sets. They can review all of your plans, security protections, processes, budgets, and contracts.

  • Are you running risks on stability or security of which you’re unaware?
  • Have your systems and data already been comprised without your knowledge?
  • Are you being taken advantage of by software and hardware companies with expert negotiators?

Once our consultant ensures your systems are stable, reliable, and efficient, we Innovate Beyond Efficiency.  The technologies we often use to drive Revenue are proven and economical, and our experts will collaborate with your leadership and technology teams to bring the best of those options to your organization based on real ROI (surpassing alternative ROIC).  We’ve achieved top-line growth with differentiated IT capabilities in many ways in different industries, and we can do it for you.

Pull Back the Curtain on Real Innovation for About the Cost of an Entry-level Technician

Experience MATTERS, but so do costs.  Your organization can leverage the SAME level of expertise as your larger competitors, but in strategic spots rather than a full-time role on your payroll.  These services are included in our offering:

End the Trade-offs of Cost vs. Experience and Impact.  Let us Tailor a Service for Your Organization’s Needs and Opportunities

  • Our consultant can collaborate regularly with a specific CXO (often CFO, COO, CMO, or CEO).  This can be a 1:1 private advisory partnership, or…
  • Our consultant can participate &/or submit assessments/reports for monthly/quarterly leadership meetings
  • Our consultant can regularly touch base and mentor your company’s top IT leader to upgrade their focus on Revenue Growth
  • …or any combination of the above

Get your FREE ASSESSMENT and see how we can help your organization

Our Advisory Service starts at $1k per week.  Interested to learn how much benefit that can buy you?

Below see some of our recent Thought Leadership on the topics of Innovation & IT Strategy…

Business Impact – the True North for Innovation

There is a lot of hype within the business sector around emerging technologies. Talk of finding new, creative ways to solve business challenges never fails to incite a buzz within organizations, for good reason. With the right compass heading, technology can sustain or change a company’s culture, and many new technologies are emerging that promise a significant impact on business over the next few years. At times the excitement is about the technology and not its business impact Innovation is important, and powerful, and impactful, but only if it creates real business results. Without the right compass heading, forward motion is NOT progress but only wasted effort and time.  Likewise, innovation for its own sake (outside of a pure research context) is often just a drain on time and money. Instead of seeking the latest technology for its own sake, an assessment of need & opportunity is incredibly important. Innovative [...]

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Gold Nuggets of Data all over the Ground

Increasingly, how an organization views and uses their data determines their level of success, and therefore the value of the enterprise. Data can be as valuable as gold nuggets for companies, but too often it’s ignored--“left on the ground” rather than mined, gathered, and inventoried as a strategic asset. Gartner research indicates that by 2021, the vast majority of stock analysts will include “data” components in their corporate valuation models for how much structured information each company possesses and how strategically they use it.  This fact will surprise few.  And yet despite this being a well-known fact, Forrester estimates that between 2/3 and 3/4 of corporate data still goes unused in any capacity for analytics.   Care Must be Taken to Protect Your Customers’ Privacy No doubt your organization has contractual obligations and has made promises (explicit or implied) to your customers to protect ALL data which, if released, could [...]

JUST Keeping the IT Lights On = Awaiting Disruption

Is your IT just “keeping the lights on”? i.e. Are you just waiting to be disrupted? (Or did COVID already do that?) Don’t get me wrong – keeping the lights on, avoiding security breaches, even creating organizational/margin efficiency with IT – these are worthy goals. But they are TABLE STAKES in today’s pandemic economy; we go far beyond this in our proprietary Innovation framework: → STABILIZE your IT – yes “the lights need to stay on” reliably, securely, auditably → OPTIMIZE strategic trade-offs – get what you pay for, pay to your point of maximum ROIC → MONETIZE your IT – invest in tech capabilities to drive REVENUE & MARKET-SHARE Innovation Vista’s mission is to INNOVATE BEYOND EFFICIENCY for TOP-LINE IMPACT in midsize companies: → Taking market-share with tech capabilities your competitors can’t match → Enabling Digital connection not just in remote teams, but with your customers → Accelerating your [...]

The New Digital Normal of Customer Expectations

Digital disruption began well before we were all forced to practice social distancing, but recently it has advanced into sections of society that were previously slow to adopt. As more and more business is conducted online, especially from the palm of their hand, customers are beginning to distinguish between companies who provide an easy experience vs. those who have limited or no digital capabilities. This is really just a continuation of the evolution of customer preferences, and the rewarding of those who align with (or even drive) that evolution.  In the not so distant past, we witnessed what can happen to a brand that does not respond quickly to customer behaviors. Customer battles were everywhere: Blockbuster vs Netflix, and every box store vs Amazon. Now, in the tenuous aftermath of the nationwide COVID-19 economic shutdown, we are seeing other sectors being challenged to make digital the new normal, including service, [...]

Escaping the Catch-22 of Post-COVID Digitalization

COVID-19 has escalated and turbo-charged digital transformation across the globe. Prior to COVID, many organizations planned to build out more options for their employees to be more productive by working remotely. They planned to create a way for customers to interact with them and buy from them online, and allow for their management teams to have dashboard views of their internal productivity and customer interactions. Most planned for these enhancements to be phased in over the next few years. Now digital transformation is a necessity for successful business in a post-COVID economy. Yet companies without those capabilities already integrated in will struggle to build them. With the onset of social distancing measures and state mandates for keeping business fronts closed, remote work has never been more essential. It's not just for the sake of productivity, but for safety--and ultimately, worker engagement. Success is now incumbent on a company's ability to [...]

Successful Leadership in the New COVID Reality

Successful leadership in the new COVID reality will require a new approach to overcome the unforeseen challenges presented by the pandemic. So many plans for 2020 have been paused or fully abandoned in the wake of more pressing concerns. Organizations must learn to adapt, to continue finding innovative ways to carry on, to begin looking ahead. Here are a few potential traps and ways to overcome them as leaders begin rising to the challenge:   COVID changed the landscape of many aspects of our lives. The world will no longer operate like it did prior to the arrival of this virus.  Leaders should challenge their assumptions, existing plans, and business models to consider what must, or should, be different now.  The future still remains uncertain, but it is certain that many aspects of life will not return to what they were before.  Creative contingency plans will help ensure that whatever [...]

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