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Aerospace IT Experts

Aerospace is a critical component of our society and economy, and one which was born from innovation and disruption from technology and automation.  Our consultants have experience leading IT for many organizations in many sectors across the industry, as listed below.

Many consulting firms believe that what works well in another industry will work just as well in aerospace tech consulting, and try to assign consultants to IT projects in the industry who possess no previous experience in the vertical.

Our experts know where “general best practices” work well vs. where there are real nuances about aerospace which must be taken into account by technology leaders, such as the growing call for renewable fuels, the consumerization of space-flight, and heightened regulatory constraints on safety and redundancies.

IT Strategy for Your Aerospace Niche

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Aerospace Leaders First - Then Tech Leaders

Our Unique Approach to Aerospace Technology

Like a lot of consulting practices, we help clients stabilize their IT platforms, secure their networks, and optimize their architecture, service levels and tech budget.

Unlike a lot of consulting firms, we build trust first and align our strategy to your overall strategy before taking these steps.  The “right” approach to technology very much depends on your positioning, objectives, and culture.  Is low-cost a competitive advantage or can tech capabilities pay off with a huge ROI in automation and efficiency?

Also unlike a lot of consulting firms, we help clients Innovate Beyond Efficiency by identifying ways to monetize tech and data to create new revenue streams and/or accelerate your existing business model’s top line.

This will look different in aerospace IT consulting than in other verticals, and different in each of the aviation & space sub-sectors listed above, but we often find ways to either increase sales frequency, shorten the sales or execution cycle, or create a capability which wins market-share from competitors who can’t match it.  Let’s work together to reveal what a Vista of Innovation can look like for your organization.