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Motown.  D-Town.  Hitsville.  Motor City.  Home of the Lions, Tigers, Pistons, and Red Wings… For those who call Detroit home, there is nowhere else they’d rather live and work.  It is a vibrant city full of friendly people and some of the world’s most powerful and successful companies.  For IT consulting Detroit relies on the community of technology talent in the city, which powers the innovation happening here.  Our Detroit IT consultants have experience leading Technology departments and strategic innovation initiatives in many of the industries most common in the city, as listed below.  Our philosophy is to ensure that both their technical experience and industry experience is matched to the needs of each client.

Innovation Vista stands out from other options in Detroit IT consulting.  Other firms believe that what works well in one industry will work just as well in another, and try to assign consultants to IT projects with no previous experience.  Our experts know where “general best practices” work well vs. where there are real nuances about a specific industry which must be taken into account by technology leaders, such as emerging technologies, disruptive business models, and rising customer expectations relating to digital interaction.

C-level consultants leveraging an innovative framework

Elevating Tech Impact for Detroit Organizations

Our Detroit tech consultants leverage their broad experience and our framework & reference libraries to help clients mature their IT and improve the organization’s overall results.

No matter how mature your IT platform and processes are today, we are confident we can find improvements with a positive ROI…

is our first strategic milestone, unless your organization has already achieved this level of capability. (click here to read more on our approach to Stabilizing IT)

is a collaborative process examining the commercial economic basis of each IT policy, system, group, and vendor in a cost/benefit analysis. (click here to see more on our approach to Optimizing IT)

becomes possible when Innovations begin to contribute to revenue, either accelerating the existing revenue cycle or creating brand new stream(s). (click here to read more on our approach to Monetizing IT)

is a common term in business usage today; in our model it really consists of both Monetizing IT and then Disrupting the organization’s industry.  This level of impact truly reaches “beyond efficiency” and leverages technology & data in the business model of the organiation. (click here to see more on our approach to Digital Transformation)

occurs when a company’s Innovation has so changed its cost model, supply chain, &/or delivery chain that it can rewrite the economic rules of its industry, enabling it to serve customers in ways or at price-points that its competitors cannot sustain, leading to enormous growth in market-share. (click here to read more on our success enabling digital disruption)

If you’re a Detroit organization in search of innovative ideas for your tech strategy & leadership, we’d love to have a no-obligation conversation with you to explore whether our experts can help empower your IT to power your vision for growth.