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Innovation Vista is a Technology consultancy transforming IT departments into Profit Centers via Digital & Tech capabilities.

Our unique approach to Innovation starts with Stabilizing & Optimizing an organization’s Technology services & systems…

Interested in Digital Transformation and Tech-powered Revenue Growth?  WE ARE HOW.

What Does it Mean to Innovate Beyond Efficiency?

Houston IT consultant
Houston IT consultant

Business Impact – the True North for Innovation

There is a lot of hype within the business sector around emerging technologies. Talk of finding new, creative ways to solve business challenges never fails to incite a buzz within organizations, for good reason. With the right compass heading, technology can sustain or change a company’s culture, and many new technologies are emerging that promise a significant impact on business over the next few years. At times the excitement is about the technology and not its business impact Innovation is important, and powerful, and impactful, but only if it creates real business results. Without the right compass heading, forward motion [...]

Founder Jeff Roberts to speak at IT Leaders conference

Our Founder Jeff Roberts is slated to speak on Monday Sep 14th at the SINC Midmarket IT & Security Leaders Virtual Forum, on the topic of Navigating Change Management in Innovation. He will be touching on how to navigate human nature and corporate culture in rolling out Innovation and Tech change.  After months of effort and millions in costs, too many IT projects fail in this critical step.  Jeff will offer real world advice on planning for Change Management throughout a project and how to execute on it when the time is right. For more information and to request to [...]

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Gold Nuggets of Data all over the Ground

Increasingly, how an organization views and uses their data determines their level of success, and therefore the value of the enterprise. Data can be as valuable as gold nuggets for companies, but too often it’s ignored--“left on the ground” rather than mined, gathered, and inventoried as a strategic asset. Gartner research indicates that by 2021, the vast majority of stock analysts will include “data” components in their corporate valuation models for how much structured information each company possesses and how strategically they use it.  This fact will surprise few.  And yet despite this being a well-known fact, Forrester estimates that [...]