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Interested in Digital Transformation and Tech-powered Revenue Growth?  WE ARE HOW.

What Does it Mean to Innovate Beyond Efficiency?

Houston IT consultant
Houston IT consultant

Not All Brainstorms are Created Equal

Wikipedia gives this summary and definition of brainstorming: Brainstorming is a group creativity technique by which efforts are made to find a conclusion for a specific problem by gathering a list of ideas spontaneously contributed by its members. In other words, brainstorming is a situation where a group of people meet to generate new ideas and solutions around a specific domain of interest by removing inhibitions. People are able to think more freely and they suggest as many spontaneous new ideas as possible. All the ideas are noted down without criticism and after the brainstorming session the ideas are evaluated. It's a powerful [...]

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Microsoft throws open the RPA door, makes Power Automate Free

Microsoft created some waves in the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) space this week, with the announcement at their Ignite conference that they are bundling Power Automate free in Windows 10 - all the way down to the Home user license. We imagine that UI Path, Blue Prism, and Automation Anywhere noticed this announcement as well. We believe that RPA is one of the most impactful technologies to come to maturity in recent years, and is one that a huge number of organizations benefit from. Contact us if you'd like to discuss how this technology, and this announcement from Microsoft, could [...]


Why the IT Bar is Usually Set Too Low

The IT bar is set too low by business leaders Most CEOs and COOs spend their days trying to increase revenue and market share, while most CFOs spend their time optimizing their company’s balance sheet and ensuring that accounting is handled correctly. None of these top executives have the time or the background to focus their efforts on IT, even though all of them need it in order to achieve their goals. Without the context and knowledge of what is possible and what the paths to innovation should be, it is difficult for business executives to set, or even to [...]

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