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Innovation Vista provides Contract CIOs to small & midsize clients on a Virtual, Interim, or Project consulting basis.

IT Consultants

Expert Tech Leaders When & How You Need Them

  • Stabilize & Optimize your IT operations
  • Drive Revenue & Market-share with tech
  • Leverage insights from proven CIOs from your industry, on a temporary/part-time basis
  • Unleash the innovation of an expert IT consultant with a real-world track record, without full-time overhead.

Is a Contract CIO right for your organization?

Leverage Short-term &/or Part-time IT expertise

IT leaders Focused on Your Top Line

Our Unique Approach Transforms IT Departments into Profit Centers

We Stabilize IT

Our experts will assess your tech platform and identify improvements needed for reliability & security.

Innovating Beyond Efficiency ®

We know IT is one of your key business functions. Reliability is crucial to serve its purpose and add value.
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We Optimize IT

We find the right solutions and approaches to maximize the impact of your tech and minimize IT spend.

Innovating Beyond Efficiency ®

Tech is NOT one size fits all. We find the right approach for your technology to align with your strategy & culture.
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We Monetize IT

Our approach reveals new revenue streams and accelerates top-line in existing business models.

Innovating Beyond Efficiency ®

We go beyond "lights on" to innovate ways your IT & Data can move the needle on you Revenue & Market-share.
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Expertise From Your Industry

We Tailor Our Approach to Your Business

Before bringing answers, we want to ensure we understand the questions. We Build Trust First to ensure our tech consulting recommendations make sense in your business, your strategy, and your culture.

IT Consulting with a Business Mindset

What is the ROI of Your IT Department ?


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Our Mission

Innovation Vista
transforms IT departments into Profit Centers

We believe that expert technology consulting can unleash the innovation of small and midsize companies and enable them to compete with, or even disrupt, the larger competitors in their industry.  We Innovate Beyond Efficiency, driving revenue with tech & data. 

Unlike most of our competitors, we don’t have an IT consulting “bench” that we place like square pegs in round holes; instead we have a network of proven, experienced C-level tech consultants from whom we can choose the best fit for each client’s industry, strategy, and culture in an affordable consulting relationship that leverages their expertise for the most strategic IT architecture & process decisions, their technology provider negotiations, and their boardroom business model innovation.

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IT-Powered Revenue
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Tech-Enabled Efficiencies
Assessments, IT Roadmaps
C-suites, CIOs advised
M&A, Startups guided

Are you a seasoned C-level IT executive seeking to apply your expertise as a consultant?

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Not All Brainstorms are Created Equal

Wikipedia gives this summary and definition of brainstorming: Brainstorming is a group creativity technique by which efforts are made to find a conclusion for a specific problem by gathering a list of ideas spontaneously contributed

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