Cloud computing has risen in capability, stability, and efficiency over the last decade to become is a critical component of an organization’s IT Strategy.  According to 451 research, 90% of organizations use the cloud in some capacity, and it handles over 60% of IT workloads (up from 45% in 2018).

Clearly the use-cases are there, and the vast majority of companies have made one or more choices to “move to the cloud”.   The challenge for many organizations is to rationalize and integrate their cloud platform(s) with their on-premise and data center platforms.   Once that data is “out there” on a cloud platform, how does one get at it and use that data for analytics and insights?

“Cloud computing” is actually a set of different but related architectures which use computing power hosted outside an organization’s network with access to that data and computing power delivered “as a service”.  There are multiple use-cases of the cloud, offering access at a variety of levels of IT control from user-level access to a software system to administrator access to a server…

Our expert consultants have experience with all of these and more.  One or more of these might be the right option(s) for your organization, depending on your strategy, IT architecture and needs.

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