Innovation Vista Surpasses 400 C-level IT Consultants

Surpassing 400 Consultants

We are excited today to announce the growth of our network of C-Level IT leaders to over 400 consultants. This enormous pool of talents enables us to hand-pick the best consultant uniquely positioned & qualified to guide each client’s IT strategy & innovation efforts.

For many clients, this is a powerful light-bulb moment: realizing that because we’ve built a network and not a bench, that we are hand-picking a consultant for their engagement from a group of over 400 options. Jeff Roberts, the CEO of Innovation Vista, commented “our 400 consultants have already been pre-vetted and selected from thousands of English-speaking freelance IT consultants worldwide for their innovative mindset and business-focused approach to IT strategy and leadership engagements. Matching the best choice from this elite group for each client’s engagement based on industry knowledge, technical expertise, and style, positions us to truly delight and surprise clients with the level of expert we can offer them at affordable rates. It’s a business model that’s really succeeding and accelerating for us.”

Once a consultant is assigned to a client project, they’re given access to myriad resources, both subscribed “best practice” & product review materials as well as Innovation Vista’s proprietary framework for digital transformation, to surface opportunities for the client to stabilize their IT, and then optimize and monetize unique technology capabilities to drive top-line and bottom-line business impact.

It’s an approach that stands in stark contrast to the traditional consulting business model, in which firms hire consultants and then assign these to new clients as projects are initiated. “Part of the reason I founded this firm to begin with”, says Roberts, “is to disrupt the traditional assign-from-the-bench consulting model; point blank, it just does not work for C-level strategy and leadership. No matter how smart your bench is – and our competitors have some very smart consultants, for sure – if they haven’t worked in the client’s industry, or with an organizational culture like the client’s, that is going to be a square peg in the round hole. That’s why we’re so excited to have surpassed 400 consultants – you can imagine the depth and breadth that offers us when assigning a consultant for a client’s project.”

It’s a business model that’s succeeding and accelerating for us.

Jeff Roberts

Innovation Vista was recently named the #1 provider of CIO Services by CIO Bulletin. The magazine highlighted another driver of their success in its writeup about the award:

Boasting 100% expertise at a fraction of the cost, Innovation Vista is committed to pushing beyond efficiency, ushering in transformative success for businesses.

CIO Bulletin, naming Innovation Vista as the #1 provider of CIO Services

The value proposition of C-level consulting is the expertise and tailored guidance offered by the consultant. The benefits of this guidance do not require 40 hours per week to be realized – in fact many Innovation Vista consultants are engaged less than half-time, bring their clients “100% of the Expertise at a Fraction of the Cost“.

Many small & midsize companies do not have an in-house IT executive, or are operating with middle management filling that role. Other companies are burdened with outdated hardware and software with little positive impact on their business plans. Innovation Vista offers expert C-level consultants to companies in need of digital modernization, providing C-level IT experts to update their clients’ IT systems and processes, bringing companies into the modern digital era. Innovation Vista experts build trust and partner with clients, focusing on driving business impact from their technology and data capabilities.

We’re extremely excited to have reached the milestone of 400 consultants in our network; that kind of depth gives us the ability to offer IT strategy and leadership across all industries and sectors, in the form of assessments, strategic roadmaps, virtual CIO services, interim CIO services, CIO advisory, and Board/C-suite advisory services. And we’re not done growing yet!

(As reported by EIN Presswire)