Innovation Vista Selected as Featured Firm on

Virtual CIO firm

We’re very pleased to have been selected by as their “Featured Firm“.

The site was created as a directory of Virtual CIO services firms, particularly those which specialize in CIO services rather than treating it as an “up-sell” offering… Their website states that

With the increase in Virtual CIO engagements during the Covid pandemic, and the increase in support/hosting companies offering services under this label, the need for a directory of this kind increased. Bringing together a listing of firms which specialize in Virtual CIO services hopefully helps organizations in the market for these services to make more informed choices than a simple internet search would enable.

(They do take submissions for new firms requesting to be listed on their home-page, or email

We’re honored to be selected among the dozens of companies listed on the site, and we’re especially grateful to see in their summary of our approach that they grasp what sets us apart from other firms offering Virtual CIO and Fractional CIO services…

Innovation Vista provides IT Strategy & Leadership services to small and midsize organizations on a contract basis, including Virtual CIO services ranging from CXO/Board advisory to full IT organization leadership… The growing buzz around this firm is due to their track record delivering business growth with IT, and a commitment to match consultants to clients based on industry experience in addition to technical background. “Featured Firm” summary

Thank you for being part of the “growing buzz” about Innovation Vista which you reference!

As reported by Digital Journal