Forbes Highlights Demand for Digital Consultancies

A Forbes article yesterday about Digital Consultancies highlights a major change underway not only among Big 4 and Big 3 consulting firms, but across the economy.
Digital strategy

A Forbes article yesterday about Digital Consultancies highlights a major change underway not only among Big 4 and Big 3 consulting firms, but across the economy.  Increasingly, firms are building out their “Digitalization” consulting practices to respond to the increase in demand in these services among their clients.

Some are hiring experts to handle the current and projected future project increase; other firms are acquiring smaller firms at a frenetic pace.  It is this same trend in demand that created the reason for the formation of Innovation Vista in the fall of 2015

What is so different about this trend in consulting and in technology at large?

  • New technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Smart Process Automation, Augmented/Virtual Reality are reaching maturity to be ready for mainstream adoption worldwide.  Most companies will find one or more use cases for these capabilities.
  • Because these tools are new, there are not enough experts familiar with them even among leading consulting companies.  Those who have experience are wisely ramping up and training staffs in preparation for what promises to be a coming boom on these projects.
  • The technologies are so disruptive, they are enabling brand new business models in existing industries.  Companies not prepared to leverage these tools may be caught by a wave of change that creates major urgency for significant consulting resources over short bursts of time as companies fight to play defense before they’re put out of business.

The article highlights five trends specifically driving the increased interest in Digitalization:

  • Design appreciation
  • Visualization and analysis
  • Mobile audience growth
  • Startup entrants
  • Marketing evolution

It will be an interesting trend to watch.  For certain, Innovation Vista is preparing for Digital Transformation and Tech Strategy consulting to be two of our biggest service pillars.  We will provide CEO Tech AdvisoryCFO Tech AdvisoryCOO Tech Advisory, and IT Project consulting.  We will be staffing only experienced C-level lead consultants to bring real expertise to our clients seeking insights in this area.  Please contact us to start a dialogue about how we can help your organization set the right course through this disruptive landscape.