Ignoring the Blind Spot · The Help Most CEOs Need, But Few Engage

CEO tech advice

Most CEOs have backgrounds and skill-sets as business leaders, not technology leaders. This creates a “blind spot” for them – something that would create risk and call for mitigation no matter in which area; unfortunately tech happens to be the fastest-changing segment of the economic landscape, so the risks are multiplied.

Therefore, tech and IT would seem to be an area in which CEOs most need insights – especially external insights from experts who are engaged with multiple organizations and industries.

Why then do so few CEOs seek out that kind of expertise? Human nature.

Unable to spend time on everything, CEOs (understandably) spend their time on the activities and investments from which they expect positive ROI. If they don’t understand innovation in technology and haven’t seen any real impact from it, it’s not surprising that they have an attitude of holding the line on the IT budget, treating tech as tactical rather than strategic, and spending little personal time/attention on IT.

What is a better solution?

CEOs need tech insights from sources which are a) informed, b) trusted, and c) aware of the industry context. Our CXO/Board IT advisory service can shine a light in the blind spot shared by the CEO and so many others in the C-suite and on the board of directors. 

For a fraction of the cost of a single employee, we bring ideas, considerations, and expertise not just navigating innovation in an organization, but to explore the “art of the possible”. We engage with the C-suite and board in a way that is non-threatening and highly effective. We use our broad perspective to help leaders see beyond the “next quarter” to where technology needs to be in 3-5 years to enable their business strategy

Outside advisory services make the MOST sense in blind spots like IT, where it is FAR more likely that disruption can come from competitors, and that unique opportunities might otherwise be missed.

Our services provide our clients with the insights, resources, and contacts they need to be successful in the fast-changing landscape of business. If you’d like to discuss how insights like these can remove the blind-spot in your C-suite and enable your organization to grasp all the tools which might power your growth, please contact us today.