Innovation Lab Excellence · Digital Transformation from Within · Book Review

Innovation Lab Excellence

“Innovation Lab Excellence: Digital Transformation from Within” by Richard Turrin delves into the burgeoning world of corporate innovation labs, outlining the elements that make them successful and the common pitfalls that often lead to their failure. The book serves as a comprehensive guide for business leaders, innovation managers, and digital strategists looking to navigate the intricate pathways of digital transformation effectively.

One of the most striking aspects of the book is its practicality. Turrin doesn’t just discuss what innovation labs should ideally be; he talks about what actually happens within these labs, drawing on his extensive experience and real-world case studies. This focus on practical, actionable advice makes the book extremely valuable for practitioners. From tips on how to select the right team to insights into fostering a culture of innovation, the book serves as a hands-on manual for anyone involved in an innovation lab.

Another strength lies in the book’s balanced perspective. While Turrin is clearly an advocate for the potential of innovation labs, he doesn’t shy away from discussing their challenges and frequent shortcomings. This nuanced approach allows readers to gain a realistic understanding of what it takes to set up a successful lab, beyond the rosy picture often painted by industry articles and reports.

Turrin also excels at demystifying the buzzwords that frequently saturate discussions on digital transformation and innovation. He explains complex concepts in an easy-to-understand manner, without oversimplifying them, making the book accessible for readers who may not have a technical background.

However, one potential area for improvement could be a more extensive discussion on the scalability of innovation lab projects. Many innovation labs produce excellent pilots but struggle to implement these on a larger scale. Although the book touches upon this aspect, a more in-depth exploration would provide valuable insights for those who are grappling with this particular challenge.

Additionally, while the book includes various case studies, it leans heavily towards examples from large enterprises. This focus may leave readers curious about how small and medium-sized enterprises can adapt these best practices to fit their limited resources.

In summary, “Innovation Lab Excellence: Digital Transformation from Within” is a compelling and practical guide that offers a treasure trove of actionable advice for setting up and running a successful innovation lab. It presents a balanced, honest view of the challenges and opportunities that come with internal innovation, making it a must-read for anyone involved in corporate innovation and digital transformation.