Agents of Innovation · Entrepreneurs, Facilitators and Intrapreneurs · Book Review

Agents of Innovation

“Agents of Innovation: Entrepreneurs, Facilitators and Intrapreneurs” by Louis Jacques Filion, along with co-authors Rico J. Baldegger, Candido Borges, Fernando Dolabela, Joëlle Hafsi, and Francine Richer, is a comprehensive exploration of innovation in the business world. The book sheds light on three distinct roles in the innovation ecosystem: entrepreneurs who create new products or services, facilitators or process innovators who assist in developing enterprises, and intrapreneurs who innovate within existing organizations.

The structure of the book is unique, offering both theoretical insights and practical application. It presents six case histories that exemplify these roles, providing real-world examples of how innovation manifests in various settings. This approach not only gives a deeper understanding of what it means to innovate but also explores the skills and thought processes involved in it.

In the second part of the book, the authors include a set of exercises aimed at helping readers develop their innovative thinking processes. This practical aspect makes the book particularly valuable to a wide range of readers, including researchers, students, and business practitioners. It’s more than just a theoretical exploration; it offers tools and guidance for those looking to actively engage in innovation.

Overall, “Agents of Innovation” is an informative and thought-provoking book that contributes to the fields of entrepreneurship and innovation. It’s particularly useful for those interested in understanding the different roles individuals can play in fostering innovation and for those who aspire to be agents of change in their professional landscapes