JUST Keeping the IT Lights On = Awaiting Disruption

beyond lights on iT

Is your IT just “keeping the lights on”? i.e. Are you just waiting to be disrupted? 

Don’t get me wrong – keeping the lights on, avoiding security breaches, even creating organizational/margin efficiency with IT – these are worthy goals. But they are TABLE STAKES in today’s economy; we go far beyond this in our proprietary Innovation framework:

STABILIZE your IT – yes “the lights need to stay on” reliably, securely, auditably
OPTIMIZE strategic trade-offs – get what you pay for, pay to your point of maximum ROIC
MONETIZE your IT – invest in tech capabilities to drive REVENUE & MARKET-SHARE

Innovation Vista’s mission is to INNOVATE BEYOND EFFICIENCY for TOP-LINE IMPACT in midsize companies:

→ Taking market-share with tech capabilities your competitors can’t match
→ Enabling Digital connection not just in remote teams, but with your customers
→ Accelerating your existing revenue cycle with deep customer insights
→ Empowering brand new revenue streams via IT investments
→ Transforming IT departments into PROFIT CENTERS

The Digital Revolution is real, and it’s here NOW as a confluence of the maturity of multiple key capabilities with never-before seen affordability and flexibility from the cloud. It’s disrupting and re-inventing industries EVERY DAY ALL AROUND US, and the pandemic is turbo-charging that pace of change due to rising economic pressures. And… most likely, your competitors are already applying it to your industry.

When you’re ready to bring in IT counsel for your C-suite to help your company go beyond keeping the lights on, contact us.