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In the heart of North Carolina, the pulsating metropolis of Charlotte—affectionately termed the Queen City, the Hornets’ Nest, and Mint City—exudes an allure that is both magnetic and quintessentially Southern. The city is a tapestry of bustling businesses and sportsmanship spirit, housing the Panthers, Hornets, and Charlotte FC as local treasures.

For technology consulting, Charlotte doesn’t just rely on remote wisdom; it draws from a vibrant ecosystem of local tech talent. The IT consultants at Innovation Vista, for instance, are not merely tech aficionados. These are professionals who have carved out niches for themselves in sectors that are the lifeblood of Charlotte’s economy. The firm adopts an artisanal approach to consulting, meticulously pairing each client with a consultant whose expertise resonates with both the technological and industry-specific needs of the project.

Contrary to a one-size-fits-all philosophy adopted by some competitors, Innovation Vista distinguishes itself by recognizing that solutions which prosper in one industry may flounder in another. The firm’s consultants are adept at navigating the ever-evolving labyrinth of ‘general best practices,’ while also acutely aware of the particularities that make each industry unique—be it emerging technologies, disruptive business models, or the ever-escalating demands of digital customer interaction. In a city celebrated for its vigor and verve, Innovation Vista fits right in, offering tailored IT consulting that understands Charlotte from the ground up.

Business Leaders First - Then Tech Leaders

Delivering True Innovation for Charlotte companies

Like a lot of consulting practices, we help clients stabilize their IT platforms, secure their networks, and optimize their architecture, service levels and tech budget.

We build trust first and align our strategy to your overall strategy before taking these steps.  The “right” approach to technology very much depends on your positioning, objectives, and culture.  Is low-cost a competitive advantage or can tech capabilities pay off with a huge ROI in automation and efficiency?

UNLIKE a lot of other Charlotte tech consultants, we help clients Innovate Beyond Efficiency by identifying ways to monetize tech and data to create new revenue streams and/or accelerate your existing business model’s top line.

This will look different in each of the industries & sub-sectors listed above, but we often find ways to either increase sales frequency, shorten the sales or execution cycle, or create a capability which wins market-share from competitors who can’t match it.  We’d love to talk with you to explore what kind of impact real innovation can bring to your organization…