Artificial Intelligence · the Star of the Digital Galaxy · Book Review

Artificial Intelligence

In his work “Artificial Intelligence, the Star of the Digital Galaxy,” Amit Asawa provides a summary of the state of Artificial Inteligence, particularly in its commercial applications.

He summarizes the impact of AI on various industries and how it is serving as a driving force for Digital Transformation. The work addresses these key questions:

1. How are digital technologies transforming human lives and businesses?

2. What are the key technical drivers behind these transformations?

3. Which digital economy platforms are taking the lead?

4. How are newer business opportunities created?

5. Which businesses are at the risk of disappearing?

6. What are the challenges for the digital economy?

7. What is coming next?

After this survey of the current state of Artificial Intelligence, Asawa provides commentary on the potential future directions AI might take, and how its impact will continue to increase. This section of the book includes some interesting insights.

Overall the book is a worthwhile read for an encapsulated summary of the state of this critical emerging technology.