Step 1 to Swimming in the Digital Pool · Get in the Water

Digital consulting

Do you have a vision for the potential of technology to impact your company’s future, but lack the details to make specific proposals?

Part of leadership is seeing the need for change and taking steps to share and implement this vision with your team. The first step doesn’t have to be perfect or huge—you need not jump into the deep end of the pool right away, but it’s critical at least to acknowledge that you need to learn how to swim.

No matter how your organization uses data—processing, analyzing, or simply entering it and viewing it on a daily basis—there is a high likelihood that some kind of digital technology can take your efforts to the next level.  Initially, you may not have clarity on how automation, AI, or analytics will play a part, but neither is it a requirement for someone to know all the strokes before deciding they need to learn to swim.  Taking the first steps can help you understand where to go next.  Just get in the water.

Find a pilot project that’s a small start and gives your vision some exposure. Convince the CEO that the organization needs to know how to swim, and they can ensure the first step helps everyone learn what you need to learn.   To further extend the analogy, the long-term commitment to learn how to swim should remain unchanged whether those first swim lessons are a major success, a major failure, or something in between.

If you find yourself in this position, but don’t know how to take these first steps, contact us. We can help you develop that initial idea or get started taking action.