What’s Your Digital Business Model? Six Questions to Help You Build the Next-Generation Enterprise · Book Review

Digital Business Model

In “What’s Your Digital Business Model?: Six Questions to Help You Build the Next-Generation Enterprise,” authors Peter Weill and Stephanie Woerner provide a comprehensive guide for businesses navigating the digital transformation. The book primarily focuses on helping organizations answer six pivotal questions that will help them effectively adapt to and capitalize on digital technologies. It is aimed at executives, managers, and strategic planners, offering a blueprint for rethinking and reshaping organizational frameworks in the digital age.

The book’s structure is one of its strongest points. The six questions form the spine of the text, and each chapter dedicated to a question is a blend of case studies, statistical data, and expert analyses. This format ensures that theoretical concepts are continually balanced with real-world applications, making it a valuable resource for decision-makers looking for actionable insights. From identifying the customer experience to determining necessary capabilities and value propositions, the authors tackle topics that are crucial for businesses aiming to succeed in a digital ecosystem.

Another impressive feature is the wide range of case studies presented, from established giants like Amazon and Alibaba to traditional companies that are in the process of digital transformation. These examples not only add credibility to the points made but also provide readers with various pathways to achieving digital maturity.

However, the book does have some shortcomings. One is that it sometimes risks becoming a checklist of “best practices” without diving deep enough into the complexities and nuances that individual organizations may face. For businesses that are already well into their digital transformation journey, the book might not offer many groundbreaking revelations.

Nevertheless, “What’s Your Digital Business Model?” serves as an excellent starting point for organizations that are grappling with the shift to digital. It provides a structured approach to envisioning and executing a digital strategy, anchored by real-world evidence and practical advice. In a landscape that is evolving at a breakneck speed, this book offers the tools for not just adapting but thriving in the new digital reality.