Peter Diamondis & Steven Kotler latest work builds on their earlier book Abundance, and provides some helpful specifics for how to implement real innovation in today’s business climate.

Aimed particularly at entrepreneurs and business owners, the book lays out the powerful dynamics impacting our economy currently, and suggests a mindset to find success.   As would be guessed by the title of the book, his counsel is to be bold and to aim for huge growth opportunities and strategies which have the promise of 10x increase.

Technology is bringing expontential change to a world much more used to linear incremental change, and the book makes a good case that business leaders today have to completely adjust their thinking to avoid not only missing out on opportunities, but being left behind.

The world – especially our economy – are not the same as the one we grew up in!  This book is a great resource for those looking to question their unquestioned assumptions and to adopt a mindset tuned for the best chance of success in the world we actually inhabit right now.