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C-Suite executives have a huge number of responsibilities which make it impossible for them to stay abreast of technology trends, opportunities, and challenges.  In addition, most CXOs don’t have training in technology topics, and many small and midsize companies operate without a full-time CIO/CTO looking at the tech landscape for business model and revenue opportunities.


Tech trends are likely to disrupt every industry significantly in the coming years, and for that reason they are critical for someone on the CXO team to track and monitor.  This is true whether you want to play OFFENSE and be the disruptor, or need to play DEFENSE against these kinds of changes in your industry.


Through our C-Suite Tech Advisory service, Innovation Vista partners expert IT leaders with your company.  All of our consultants have succeeded in past C-level IT leadership roles, and we strive to match direct industry experience as closely as possible when matching a consultant for our clients.  These veteran IT leaders consult with one or more of a company’s top leaders & your IT team or vendor, providing insights and services tailored to your business:

Our Successful C-level IT leaders use our proven strategic Innovation framework – “Innovating Beyond Efficiency”, while also tailoring & customizing the model to suit your organization’s current situation and future strategic goals…

  • Our consultant can collaborate regularly with a specific CXO (often CFO, COO, CMO, or CEO).  This can be a 1:1 private advisory partnership, or…
  • Our consultant can participate &/or submit assessments/reports for monthly/quarterly leadership meetings
  • Our consultant can regularly touch base and mentor your company’s top IT leader, to upgrade their “C-Suite collaboration” mindset and skillsets
  • …or any combination of the above


Not every company has high-leverage Tech strategy decisions every day, or large IT departments needing constant mentoring and leadership.  For companies that don’t, too often it falls to senior business leadership to navigate the high leverage moments when they come.  They have the seniority and decision-making skills, but NOT the direct experience with complex IT initiatives, architectures, and team dynamics in an industry re-inventing itself every few years.

Our solution is designed specifically for these companies, to bring an experienced IT leader to bear where and when that experience really matters.

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