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Few topics garner as much business attention these days as “Digital Transformation”; from media outlets such as CNBC and the Wall Street Journal to management consultants like McKinsey and Bain.  It’s a topic appearing daily in the press, media, and advertising, and it has become a major theme of the world’s response to COVID-19. Perhaps because of all that attention, definitions of it vary widely. Many focus on the recent emergence and maturation of many new technologies which can be activated for business:

New technologies are powerful and impactful, but Innovation Vista sees all these as tools and means to an end.  We view Digital Transformation consulting in the context of our overall model of Innovating Beyond Efficiency.  At it’s core, Digital Transformation is a mindset change about the role of Technology in business.  It involves setting sights “beyond lights on”, yes even “beyond efficiency”.  Successful transformation involves imagining and executing a vision for Technology to empower and accelerate the entire business model of an organization, from marketing & sales to administration, operations, and delivery of products & services.

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As a Digital Transformation Company, We Have 3 Advantages over Large Global Firms – Cost, Focus, and Trust

It’s rightly said that “if it were easy, everyone would be doing it”.  The impact of transformation is amazing, but the difficulty level is high. Because these transformations are so fundamental not only to an organization’s operation, but to its thinking & self-identity, there are many who embark on this journey and fail.  Because there is no recipe book for this transformation, and it looks different in each industry and even within each company, there are honestly too many models and ideas out there about how to proceed.  Our consulting practice is based on lessons learned from previous successful Digital Transformations, and multiple IT departments transformed into Profit Centers.  We’ve learned that as step one, we must Build Trust First to create a collaborative partnership, to combine our knowledge of the feasibility and application of technology with our clients’ knowledge of their business, culture, customers and competitors; then we can work together to cast a vision for Information Technology in your organization.

We would love to talk with you further about our services.  Please contact us to setup an initial conversation to explore how our expertise can guide and empower your company’s usage of Technology…

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